About Stoner Rock BBQ


Stoner Rock BBQ started as a way to combine three of our passions; grilling, American microbrews and stoner rock in one place.

The purpose was two-fold; first a place to keep our recipes, since most of these come off the top of our head and aren’t written down anywhere and secondly to get the word out there on some great local food products, micro brewed beers and stoner rock/metal/hard rock music that deserves to be ate, drank and heard.

These small food companies, breweries and bands aren’t products of corporate commercialism, they are just trying to make a living at their passion and cranking out some unbelievable food, beers and tunes while they are at it.

┬áThese reasons are still the backbone of who we are, but as we’ve grown we’ve been able to incorporate our passions for hospitality and giving back into what we do in helping to bring food, music and beer together to bring awareness and support to a variety of excellent organizations and causes.

Thanks for checking in.

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