Mexi-Cali Chili Cheese Dogs/Soundgrowler Smoke Circle/High Reeper “High Reeper”

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Making something out of nothing, that’s what we’re doing tonight as we raid our pantry and fridge for something to grill. This hot dog is part traditional chili dog and part nachos as we top grilled natural casing all beef hot dogs with a refried bean chili, shredded Colby jack, crushed tortilla chips, spicy ranch sauce and pickled jalapeños. Our beer of choice this evening was the relatively new session IPA Smoke Circle from Soundgrowler Brewing (don’t let the session moniker fool you, more on that below). For the tunes, the fuzzy retro rock of Philly’s High Reeper graced our stereo as we cranked up their self-titled debut.

Mexi-Cali Chili Cheese Dogs -Refried bean chili. Who knew? Let’s just say according to a quick Google search not a ton of people are using this pantry staple in their chilis but perhaps they should. We start ours out by warming a little olive oil in a cast iron skillet then tossing in a small chopped onion and diced jalapeño.

We’re going to season the veggies up with some of our La Curandera Mexican Rub then sauté them for about 3-5 minutes until they’ve started to soften and brown.

Now it’s time to add in a drained can of diced tomato with green chiles and a can of refried beans followed by a can of Modelo. The mixture will be soupy but it will cook down.

As the chili thickens we can toss our hot dogs on the grill to get a nice char all over.

With the chili and hot dogs done, all that’s left to do is start building. The hot dogs go into the buns then get immediately topped with the chili, shredded Colby jack and crushed tortilla chips.

A drizzle of spicy ranch sauce goes on next which is just half ranch and half taco sauce along with a few generous shakes of your favorite Mexican hot sauce.

Sliced pickled jalapeños are the last piece to this delicious puzzle.

We’re not usually huge chili dog fans but this Mexican-inspired dog changed that opinion really quick.

Soundgrowler Smoke Circle – Leave it to the brewery who’s cranking out the best IPAs anywhere to come up with a completely hopped up session IPA. Smoke Circle pours cloudy yellow and has one of the most hop-forward aromas of any session ipa we’ve sampled. The first sips will have you doing a double take at the sub 5% abv reading, this beer is bursting with resiny dank yet tropical mosaic and simcoe hops and if not for the super light mouth feel you’d think the 4.8% abc reading was a misprint. It’s not only a perfect session IPA it’s a perfect IPA period. It’s lightness went perfectly with the dogs just like a good hot dog and beer combo should.

High Reeper “High Reeper” – The super cool album cover of this debut record from Philly’s High Reeper has been making the rounds through our social media feeds from numerous channels so that was a good sign to give this record a spin for our Sunday Night Dinner with Stoner Rock BBQ.  Turns out, all that was praise was not unwarranted.  The band possesses the swagger of early Aerosmith and combines it with the soul of the Black Crowes and the boogie of Molly Hatchet for an album full of tunes made to crank up outside by the grill.


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