The Attalla Burger/Geneva Lakes No Wake IPA/Attalla “Glacial Rule”

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A recent family getaway to northern Illinois resulted in a shopping trip to a butcher north of the border, which subsequently yielded this killer burger that we named after the Wisconsin band, Attalla.   We start with bacon and cheddar studded burger patties and griddle them in butter before topping them with sautéed mushrooms and onions, ranch cheese curds and horseradish aioli on fresh bakery buns.  As long as we were in Lake Geneva we figured we’d get the beer for the night from Geneva Lakes Brewing and grabbed a six pack of their No Wake IPA.  For the music, of course if we’re going to name our burger after a band, we best be featuring their album which is exactly what we do tonight with Attalla’s “Glacial Rule” cranked up.

The Attalla Burger – Before we get to the burgers, we need to sauté down some mushrooms, seasoned with a little Not So Gentle Butcher’s Rub and cooked down in butter.

Next up comes the onions.  Thinly sliced sweet onions get cooked down in more butter, more Not So Gentle Butcher’s Rub and some beer.

With the veggies out of the way, we can turn our attention to these burgers.  The pre-formed patties are studded with chunks of Wisconsin cheddar and hickory smoked bacon and just need a sprinkling of our Not So Gentle Butcher’s Rub.  With our pan heavily seasoned from cooking down the onions & mushrooms, we’re just going to go in with a little bit more butter in the pan then place the patties down.

With a pan this hot, the patties only need a couple minutes per side to brown.

Now we’re actually going to add all of the toppings to the burgers while they are still in the pan starting with the mushrooms and onions.

The last ingredient are these ranch-flavored cheese curds, a truly Wisconsin component.  We nestle a few cheese curds between the vegetables on each burger then cover the pan so that the cheese melts.

Moving on to the buns, we take bakery fresh kaiser rolls then toast them a bit in the pan before smearing the top half with some horseradish aioli.

There you have it.  A truly epic burger symbolizing some of the greatest foods our friends to the north are famous for, coming together to create this awesome burger.

Geneva Lakes No Wake IPA – We stumbled on this small place, nestled in an unassuming industrial park on the outskirts of Lake Geneva and were not only greeted with great beer but also incredible hospitality.  It’s a small local joint where the regulars are just as passionate about their beers as the brewers are.  We sampled a bunch but settled on their No Wake IPA to pair up with the burgers.  The beer pours a beautiful dark auburn color with earthy hop aromas.  The flavor is fairly well balanced with caramel sweetness on the front end with a resiny hop bite on the back end.  It’s a tasty beer and a great pairing for the rich burger.

Attalla “Glacial Rule” – Our first introduction to this Oshkosh band was seeing them open up the three day Chicago Doomed & Stoned Fest last month.  We were a vendor at the fest working our booth in the back, but when these guys came on, we had to go up front and check them out.  The band lays down some of the grooviest stoner doom around.  The album’s opener “Butte Des Morts” possesses the quintessential build-up of a doom song leading right into a series of infectious riff that cycle through the rest of the song recalling early St. Vitus. The album feels like a concept album of sorts, taking the listener through an old Nordic tale of sorts concluding the journey with the title track closing out the album in fine fashion.


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