Grilled Tuscan Salmon Panzanella/St. John Malt Brothers Hesperdium/Graveyard “Peace”

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Panzanella, that famous Italian salad made of tomatoes and bread gets a makeover this evening for our Sunday Night Dinner with Stoner Rock BBQ by cooking everything on the grill and serving it family-style out of the pan with a perfectly grilled piece of Bootlicker-crusted salmon on top. Yes, you read that right.  This light summery meal gets paired up with St. John Indiana’s St. Johns Malt Brothers Herperdium IPA and the latest from Sweden’s Graveyard with “Peace”.

Grilled Tuscan Salmon Panzanella – We have to admit, on paper the traditional Panzanella salad doesn’t normally do anything for us with the typical runny tomatoes and crunchy bread.   We attacked ours from a different angle starting with fire roasting the grape tomatoes.  In a cast iron pan that’s scorching hot we add a couple tablespoons of olive oil and 2 pints of grape tomatoes.

Continuously stir the tomatoes until they are blistered and charred, about 10 minutes.

Push the pan to the cool side of the grill as we move on to the bread portion of the salad.  We take day old Italian bread and top it with olive oil, Bootlicker and parmesan cheese.

We can get these on the grill now, but a quick warning; all of the oil and cheese mixed with the still super hot grill means the bread can go from cold to a lump of carbon in seconds.  Working quickly, place the bread on the grill with the cut side down and take them off in about 30 seconds.

Before we get the star of the dish (hint: the salmon), let’s finish off the Panzanella salad.  Once the bread has cooled, to give the dish a rustic feel we just tear the garlic bread into bite size pieces and add to the tomatoes.

Now we need to make and add the quick salad dressing that is only 1 tablespoon of dijon mustard, 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar, a teaspoon of Bootlicker and a splash of water.  Whisk well and pour over the tomatoes and bread and toss well to coat.

Last but definitely not least is the salmon.  We rub down a large filet with olive oil and a heavy sprinkling of our Bootlicker season rub then place it skin-side down over direct heat.

We’ll let the salmon cook for about 5-7 minutes until the skin is charred and easy to peel off with a spatula before flipping the fish over.

The salmon gets another 3-4 minutes and it’s ready to be removed and placed on top of the salad.

A quick sprinkle of freshly torn basil from the garden…

This rustic dish is complete and it’s honestly one of the best dishes we’ve ever made.  The perfect summery light meal with every component playing perfectly off one another.

St. John Malt Brothers Hesperdium – Nin was heading back from a shoot in Indy recently and picked up a four pack of Hesperdium from St. Johns’ Indiana.  The beer pours a cloudy light brown but with effervescence.  Citra hop aromas jump from the glass transforming into a bitter yet lemony flavor profile.  It’s a really solid beer that’s fairly light, perfect for tonight’s fare.

Graveyard “Peace” – After a brief hiatus (and break-up) Sweden’s Graveyard roared back on the scene in a big way this year with their latest release “Peace”.  Veering slightly from the 70s influenced darker stoner doom that was equal parts Zeppelin and Pentagram on previous albums to a more high energy form of stoner rock with a good dose of psychedelia thrown in on this release.  The album kicks off with one our favorite Graveyard songs off any of their albums, “It Ain’t Over Yet”.  The song is pure groove and can’t be played at any less than maximum volume.  There are a bunch of highlights on this release from the bluesy “Please Don’t” to the 60’s-tinged “The Fox” to the folksy “Bird of Paradise” to the album’s closing track “Low (I wouldn’t Mind), a boot-stomping, hand clapping good time tune.  The album is incredible and sees the band testing some uncharted musical waters with killer results.


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