Grilled Spicy Scallop Stacks/Soundgrowler Mashing of Teeth/Slow Green Thing “II”

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If you didn’t think Stoner Rock BBQ was a place you could find great date night dinners, you best think again after seeing tonight’s dish!  These heart-shaped deconstructed sushi rolls are an A+ in both presentation and flavor (of course a traditional circle shaped mold would work too for those not into the whole heart-shaped thing).  These stacks start with a base of thinly sliced cucumber, followed by a layer of sesame brown rice, then a layer of fresh avocado, a couple of grilled scallops seasoned with our Shroom’d & Stoned Earthen Rub, and topped off with the traditional sushi-style spicy mayo. We paired up these spicy delights with Soundgrowler’s Mashing of Teeth pale ale and cranked up some German doom courtesy of Slow Green Thing’s sophomore album, “II”.

Grilled Spicy Scallop Stacks – We’re going to go a little out of order here with this recipe and start with the scallops.  We’re using large bay scallops that we season generously with our Shroom’d & Stoned Earthen Rub.

Out to the grill we go with the scallops in hand and place them over a charcoal fire and char them up a bit on all sides.

Next we’re going to place a cast iron pan on the grill with a chunk of good quality butter and a few heavy shakes of Shroom’d & Stoned.

We’re just going to give the scallops a quick spin in the butter sauce and keep them warm.

Ok, now the fun part.  In the mold of your choosing (in this case, in the cookie cutter shape of your choosing) press down some thin slices of cucumber.

For the next layer we took some cooked brown rice and stirred in some sesame oil then pressed it right on top of the cucumber in the mold.

On top of the rice, we’re going to go in with fresh ripe avocado that we scoop out and spread out smoothly over the rice followed by two grilled scallops.

The final touch is that highly addictive condiment that we affectionately call “that sauce that’s in a spicy tuna roll”.  We take mayo and add in a splash of sesame oil and couple hits of sriracha then squeeze a little dollop over our stack.

One bite of these things is like eating a straight-up sushi roll.  It’s perfectly well-balanced, light and with the spicy mayo has a nice amount of heat added to it.  Perfect for anytime you’ve got that sushi craving but want to cook at home.

Soundgrowler Mashing of Teeth – Named after the Pale Horseman tune “Gnashing of Teeth”, this incredible pale ale was a collaboration with the band for their previous show at the brewery.  Available on draft and in these 16 oz. tall boys it quickly became one of our favorite beers.  It pours cloudy and unfiltered with a great carbonated effervescence present.  Don’t let the pale ale moniker fool you, one whiff of this beer and all you get is 100% all American IPA bursting with hops.  The flavor is deliciously tropical with just the right amount of dankness thrown in.  It’s a killer beer and was awesome with these spicy sushi stacks.

Slow Green Thing “II” – Speaking of Soundgrowler, it was here where we first heard Slow Green Thing.  When “It Speaks The Journey” came on, we were jaw-dropped.  It’s one of those songs that you kind of stop everything you’re doing and just lose yourself in the groove.  The type of song you could play on repeat for awhile and not even care.  The band is about as heavy as it gets when it comes to their riffs, playing the doom card perfectly, but what differentiates the band are the vocals.  Taking their cue from AIC’s Staley/Cantrell harmonization, it gives these otherwise dark tunes an almost catchy vibe.  Great stuff.


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