Cheesy Steak and Sausage Garlic Toasts/Spiteful Brewing IPA/Holy Serpent “Holy Serpent”

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Before our family vacation, we were looking to clean out some freezer space and came across spicy Italian sausage links, sandwich steaks and garlic bread; the perfect start to a delicious dinner. It yielded these cheesy steak and sausage garlic toasts. Grilled garlic bread forms the base of this dish, which gets covered in grilled steak sausage, sautéed onions and peppers, melted cheese and hot giardiniera.  We paired up this meal with Chicago’s Spiteful Brewing’s IPA and Australia’s Holy Serpent self-titled release.

Cheesy Steak and Sausage Garlic Toasts – This entire meal is done outside, so let’s head out to the grill and get started.  First we’ll toss down a couple links of spicy Italian sausage and grill until charred on all sides and cooked through.

Move the sausage to the cool side of the grill.  Next up comes the sandwich steaks, the thin slices of ribeye go over direct heat and get seasoned with Bootlicker until charred. Move the steaks to the cool side to rest.

There should still be some heat left over in the grill for us to toast slices of garlic bread seasoned with more Bootlicker.  We just need to grill one side before placing the bread non-grilled side down in an oiled cast iron pan.

Now we can layer the the chopped steak and slices of Italian sausage on top of the garlic bread.

Next up we’re going to go in with some sautéed peppers and onions right on top of the meat.

We’re almost done; now we can cover all of that goodness with a few slices of muenster cheese.  We’ll cover the grill for a few minutes until the cheese is melted.

The final step is a few spoonfuls of hot giardiniera over the whole thing, creating a delicious hybrid of Chicago deep dish pizza and a Chicago Italian beef and sausage combo sandwich.

Spiteful Brewing IPA – When we saw this beer at Trader Joe’s we didn’t immediately know if it was a legit microbrewery or another sad attempt of a contract brewery passed off as a microbrew.  To our pleasant surprise, Spiteful Brewing is an actual Chicago brewery and this IPA is one of their flagship beers.  The beer pours a dark orange which is somewhat cloudy.  The nose is equal parts malty and piney which carries through on the flavor side with a heavy malt presence being cut by an astringent hop bite.  It’s a well balanced IPA that leans a little toward the bready/sweet side but worked well with the rich garlic toasts.

Holy Serpent “Holy Serpent” – Melbourne’s Holy Serpent brings the melodic doom big time on their self-titled release.  With a retro-psychedelic vibe that kicks off the album on the title track, the band then changes gears into more straight forward stoner doom for the remainder of the album.  It’s an amazing disc of slow head banging, groove-oriented tunes that worked perfectly for tonight’s barbecue.


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