Grilled Steak De Burgo/Soundgrowler Telekinetic IPA/Telekinetic Yeti “Abominable”

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We’ve got another theme night of sorts planned this evening, starting with the beer and band.  Dubuque’s sludgy doom duo Telekinetic Yeti rolled through Chicago a month or so ago and played a show at Soundgrowler Brewing, where their eponymous IPA was unveiled for a night of killer tunes and beer that we unfortunately missed, being out of town.  Fret not though, as we do the best we can to recreate the experience outdoors grill side cranking up their debut album “Abominable” with a few four packs of Telekinetic IPA tallboys.  For the food, we zero in on the state of Iowa and this incredible steak recipe that is almost non-existent outside of the state.  Steak De Burgo is kind of a variation of the traditional Tuscan Grilled Steak, but whereas the Tuscan version features a large T-bone or Porterhouse, Steak De Burgo focuses on smaller, more tender cuts of meats, most often the tenderloin.  We find ourselves right in the middle as we opted for huge boneless ribeyes to season with our Bootlicker Sicilian Rub then grill to a perfect medium-rare before finishing the steaks off with a killer herb butter.  It’s an America’s Heartland kind of night, and we’re going to do it up right.

Grilled Steak De Burgo – One thing about most classic midwestern recipes, you can bet on them being 1. fairly stripped down requiring only a few ingredients and and 2. hearty enough to choke a horse.   That’s where we find ourselves this evening, staring at a couple of huge chunks of ribeyes that we rub down with olive oil and season liberally on both sides with our Bootlicker Sicilian Rub.

Next up, meat is about to get acquainted with fire.  To a scorching hot charcoal grill we lay down the ribeyes over the hottest part of the grill.

Since these are so thick, we’re going to let them go for about 4-5 minutes per side to get a nice crust on them and get the internal temp to medium-rare.

We can remove the steak temporarily and tent with foil to rest then place a cast iron pan on the grill with a couple of tablespoons of high quality butter.

Once the butter is melted, we throw in a heaping handful of chopped basil and a tablespoon more of Bootlicker, and add the steak back to the pan.

Using a spoon, ladle the melted herb butter directly over the steak until it is completely covered.

There you have it, Steak De Burgo.  A rich, buttery steak that gets further enhanced by the combination of fresh and dried herbs.  We made the dish even more “Sunday night dinner” worthy by adding some Bootlicker and Parmesan-dusted corn on the cob and some roasted potatoes.

Soundgrowler Telekinetic IPA – It’s a great time for hoppy beer fans at Soundgrowler with 3 IPAs and a hoppy Pale on the beer menu currently.  The Telekinetic IPA is probably the most citrusy of the bunch with a burst of orange and grapefruit hitting your nose first followed by tart lemon/lime.    The flavor is super clean and refreshing with a burst of a Spree-like tartness and sweetness.  The beer is really easy drinking and was great washing down this mammoth meal.

Telekinetic Yeti “Abominable” – Fresh off last week’s Sunday Night Dinner with Stoner Rock BBQ and the slow, trudging doom that was the latest Sleep album, tonight, to paraphrase Black Tusk, we keep the dial set to doom again with the debut “Abominable” from Iowa’s Telekinetic Yeti.  This two piece can absolutely bring it with the wall of sound that guitarist/vocalist Alex Baumann and drummer Anthony Dreyer deliver track after track.   From the opening title track that hits like a 10, to heavy metal locomotive, to the 70s-like funk riff that dominates the otherwise doom-y “Electronaut”, and from the album’s best track “Stoned and Feathered” in all it’s stoner rock groove glory, to the disc’s closing track, the ultra dark “Himalayan Hymn”, the band likes to get pretty experimental amidst their killer jam sessions. “Abominable” is a phenomenal doom album from start to finish and one that is a blast to crank up at max volume.


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