Grilled Steak, Chorizo & Potato Tacos/Firestone Walker Lager/Greenleaf “Nest of Vipers”

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So we had bought an extra ribeye when we made the Steak De Burgo last week and it didn’t last very long, as we immediately used it up in these incredible tacos.  Shaved steak, spicy chorizo and creamy potato make for a killer filling in these little street tacos that just get topped with a super fresh, grilled tomatillo salsa and queso fresco crumbles.   A crisp easy drinking lager, courtesy of the normally hop-centric Firestone Walker, was the beverage of choice this evening and as promised awhile back, we couldn’t wait to feature Greenleaf’s “Nest of Vipers” as we somehow overlooked it all these years, but, tonight we make good on that promise.

Grilled Steak, Chorizo & Potato Tacos – Everything from the meat to the potatoes to the salsa is done on the grill for this recipe, so grab your beer and your speakers and get ready to spend some quality time with your grill.  We’ll knock the salsa out first by throwing a few tomatillos, a couple of jalapeños and a white onion over some hot coals.  Turn them occasionally until slightly charred on all sides.

Now we can place the charred veggies in a food processor with a handful of cilantro and a squeeze of fresh lime juice.  We’re just going to puree it until it turns smooth, leaving a little chunkiness throughout.

As the salsa sits and mellows out, we can turn our attention to the filling.  We start by placing a cast iron pan on the hot grill and start browning a link of spicy chorizo.  We want this to be cooked well, even a bit crispy in parts for texture purposes, when we add the tender steak in the mix.  Once the chorizo is throughly cooked we can add in 4-5 small, skinless, boiled potatoes.

Give the mixture a few stirs until well incorporated then remove from the heat leaving the oil in the pan. Next up comes the steak.  Using a sharp knife we shave the ribeye steak as thin as possible then place the strips into the hot pan with the chorizo oil and season with our La Curandera.

The steak only needs a few seconds in the hot pan to brown before we add back the potato and chorizo mixture.

Finally, to make sure we get the most out of this now well-seasoned pan, we’re going to warm our corn tortillas in the oil then top with some of the taco filling and a spoon of the charred salsa.

These just get finished off with some crumbles of queso fresco and they are ready to be devoured in all of their rich, meaty glory.

Firestone Walker Lager – From the brewery that makes some of our favorite IPAs, California’s Firestone Walker does have other beer styles, but even the pilsner we featured a few years back was called a Hoppy Pils.  Not so much this time around with tonight’s beer, simply titled as their Lager.  It pours a pale straw yellow with a full, yet lacy head.  The aroma is very full bodied for a lager with a crisp yet sour bite in the taste department with virtually no hop presence.  It made for a classic beer and taco pairing though, which is what we were looking for.

Greenleaf “Nest of Vipers” – As we mentioned on our social media pages, we were shocked to see we haven’t featured this classic album from this killer band yet.  That changes tonight. The combination of the infectious fuzzy riffs that have been the calling card of every Greenleaf album courtesy of the band’s founder and lead guitarist Tommi Holappa and the one of a kind vocals of singer Oskar Cedermalm aka Ozo of Truckfighters fames may make this our favorite Greenleaf album.  “Jack Staff”, the album’s opening track, is quite possibly the best track in the band’s illustrious discography starting with a bluesy Sabbath-y blues riff and some Bonzo-worthy drumming which sets the stage for Ozo’s seemingly effortless crooning to shine.  The album continues on its breakneck pace from their with made for the road rockers (“Case of Fidelity”, “The Timeline’s History”) and mid-tempo psych-doom numbers (“Tree of Life, “At the Helm”, “Nest of Vipers”) there isn’t a bad track on this release, in fact all of the tracks are amazing making this a great listen straight through.


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