Cloak of Feathers Torta/18th Street Defiance Alliance/Freedom Hawk “Beast Remains”

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It’s torta time this evening and we’re featuring our Cloak of Feathers Chicken & Wing Rub to season up boneless, skinless chicken thighs that will serve as the base for the torta.  These are going to be pretty big when we’re done with them; the grilled chicken gets topped with refried beans, lettuce and onion lime slaw, tomatoes, avocados, salsa verde and queso fresco all on a griddled bolillo roll.  We paired up these classic Mexican sandwiches with the Defiance Alliance hoppy kölsch from 18th Street Brewing and cranked up the latest from good time rockers Freedom Hawk with “Beast Remains”.

Cloak of Feathers Torta – We’ll get things rolling with the chicken by taking boneless, skinless chicken thighs and covering them with our Cloak of Feathers rub then throwing in a couple of splashes of beer.

Give everything a quick stir to make it a wet marinade then place the chicken pieces over a medium/hot grill to brown on all sides.

Remove from the grill onto a cutting board and roughly dice.

We’re pretty much at the point where we can build these babies.  To griddled bolillo rolls we pile on the diced chicken then top it with a few slices of tomatoes and avocado.

Now we can add the “slaw”.  We thinly slice crisp lettuce with white onion and toss with plain greek yogurt and freshly squeezed lime juice.

The slaw gets spooned on top of the avocado followed by a few spoonfuls of salsa verde and some queso fresco crumbles.

The last step is to spread hot refried beans on the top bun.

It’s time to close this sucker up and dig into this incredible sandwich that tastes like a Mexican fiesta platter on a bun.

18th Street Brewing Defiance Alliance – This killer brewery is always good for their can art that rivals the beer inside. Defiance Alliance is their collaboration beer with Kumas Corner and it’s a very dry hopped Kölsch.  It pours slightly darker yellow than your typical kölsch with a slightly thinner head. The aroma is tart and crisp with a little sweetness. In the taste department you get the hop bite almost immediately along with a heavy dose of carbonation making it a perfect summer beer and an absolute home run when paired up with these tortas.

Freedom Hawk “Beast Remains” –  You’d be hard-pressed to find a more consistent band over the years than Virginia’s Freedom Hawk.  Catchy riff after catchy riff with the smooth crooning of singer/guitarist T.R. Morton are the staple of pretty much every Freedom Hawk album in their storied discography.  “Beast Remains” is their latest and the groove train keeps on rolling starting right away with “Solid Gold”.  It’s virtually impossible not to nod your head along to this tune or at the very least, air drum throughout the whole song. One of the band’s calling cards is their penchant for road tones (one listen to “Flat Tire” will confirm that fact) and this album has a couple of doozies to break out on your next highway excursion namely “Danger”, “Brutal Winds”, “Deep Inside” and “Coming After You”.  “Beast Remains” is yet another great Freedom Hawk album, but as great as they sound on record, their live show is absolutely amazing.

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