Grilled Atomic Sausage Hoagies/Soundgrowler Orange Haze/Green Lung “Free the Witch”

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We’re cranking up the heat tonight with these self-proclaimed atomic sausages from Johnny G’s butcher shop in west suburban Addison.  We were deemed brave souls by the man behind the counter after ordering these, with the warning, “don’t serve them to the kids.  Seriously, they’re really hot”.   The homemade sausages get grilled over a charcoal flame and since we like things REALLY spicy, we whipped up a spicy hot pepper relish to top the sausages with before a dusting of grated asiago cheese finishes things off.  For the beer, anytime our favorite brewery, Soundgrowler, has their killer IPA Orange Haze tapped, we’re going to jump on the chance to grab a growler of it. Thankfully, that opportunity presented itself tonight.  Tunes-wise, London’s Green Lung provided the smoke-filled doom for the evening with their new EP “Free the Witch”.

Other than grilling the actual sausages, the only thing really to cook is the super spicy red pepper relish.  In a medium sauce pan we add two chopped red peppers, a chopped orange pepper, two diced garlic cloves and a chopped red onion to a couple tablespoons of warmed olive oil.

The veggies now get seasoned up with our Bootlicker Sicilian Rub.

Next up we’re going to go in with a small can of stewed tomatoes and a heaping tablespoon of hot giardiniera.

We sauté these down for about 15 minutes until everything starts to soften, then transfer them to a food processor.

We pulse the mixture only a few times, so that it stays a little chunky, then remove from the blender.

Now the fun begins as we head to the grill with these atomic sausages in hand.  Our typical sausage and peppers recipe combines a grilling and braising technique, but with these fresh made sausages we opted to go more traditional and just let the charcoal fire do the heavy lifting.  The heat will be around a medium so these don’t go up in flames (literally) and we carefully place the sausages down over the coals.

The key here is to turn these sausages constantly as they start to brown making sure they are browned on all sides (yes, even the tricky “round” side where you need the precision of a master house of cards builder to balance the links on the grate – see the 2nd picture below).

If the heat is low enough, the sausages should be browned AND cooked through in about 10-15 minutes of turning.  If it’s too hot, some time on the cool side of the grill and covered may be needed to get the internal temperature right.  Once the sausages are done, they can slide right into a soft french roll before heaping a healthy amount of red pepper relish on top.

The last step is the dusting of freshly grated Asiago right on top to complete the sandwich, which was insanely amazing.  The sausages were incredible, but “atomic”?… not for these fiery palates… but they were delicious nonetheless.

Soundgrowler Orange Haze – We’ve gone through most of this amazing brewery’s IPAs since their opening a little under a year ago and Orange Haze may very well be our favorite.  Of course that’s kind of like saying “Volume 4” is our favorite Sabbath album: true as that may be, it’s really more of  it’s our 1A.  Orange Haze’s “album cover” if you will (or it’s pour to be more specific) is killer; ridiculously murky and cloudy with the effervescent bubbles just barely poking through the haziness.  The aroma is perfectly dank yet tropical which translates into a perfectly juicy IPA.  We were a little fearful of the IPA pairing up with the tomato in the relish but it was perfect with the fatty yet super spicy sausage and relish.


Green Lung “Free The Witch” – Honestly, we’re not even sure how we got turned on to to these doomsters from London, England but we’re sure glad we did.  One thing is for sure, the band hits you with a wall of sound right from the get go with elements of psychedelia and straight up metal thrown in for good measure not unlike Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats.  The four song EP definitely leaves you wanting more from this young, talented band which we’ll hopefully be hearing more of in the near future.


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