Glow Skull Tacos/350 Brewing Clarity/Killer Boogie “Acid Cream”

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When we first saw these tacos on the menu at 350 Brewing, we didn’t see the comma between “beef” and “bacon” and thought “What’s beef bacon? We want some of that!”  Come to find out, it’s a combination of beef AND bacon with a little potato thrown in for good measure, but that still works for us.  Our version starts out the same, then we season everything up nicely with a few good shakes of our La Curandera Mexican Rub.  The mixture gets loaded into warm flour tortillas and gets topped with traditional cilantro & onions, chipotle crema and crumbled queso fresco.  The choice was easy for the beer, we picked up a crowler of their Clarity IPA to pair these tacos up with.  On the stereo, we cranked up the killer boogie of, well, Killer Boogie, featuring their latest release “Acid Cream” .

Glow Skull Tacos – We’re bringing things indoors to make these tacos and we’re using the old stove top to do so.  We start by dicing up 6-8 slices of bacon and tossing them into a hot pan.

Here’s where things get a little tricky.  We don’t want the bacon to still be chewy when the beef goes in but we don’t it to be so crispy that it breaks your teeth when you bite into the taco.  We’re looking for the edges to just start to get crispy then we can pull the bacon from the pan to drain.

We’ll leave the bacon grease in the pan then we can add in a couple pounds of grass-fed ground beef. You probably already know the drill here as we break down the meat and brown it thoroughly.

Once the meat is browned, we can add in a couple of diced boiled potatoes then season the mixture heavily with La Curandera.

Now we can add back the bacon to the pan and give everything a good stir.

With the filling made, we can move to the toppings. A quick chop and mix of white onion and cilantro is the first thing we can knock out.

The chipotle crema is just a 3 to 1 mix of adobo sauce and Greek yogurt.

Now we can build these tacos by loading up warm flour tortillas with the filling then we drizzle the crema on top followed by the cilantro & onion mix and finally a dusting of queso fresco.

350 Brewing Clarity – We were debating between the two IPAs 350 had on tap the day we were there and went with the less fruity, Clarity.  The beer pours a light yellow and is super bubbly.  The aroma is dank, yet tropical, with a flavor profile that volleys back and forth between bitter and sweet.  It’s a bigger beer with a heavier mouthfeel that is syrupy and resiny but still held up well with these spicy tacos.

Killer Boogie “Acid Cream” – Fans of Bad Wizard, The Datuns, Fuzz Evil and the like can rejoice as Rome’s Killer Boogie carries the boogie torch loud and proud.  Their latest release “Acid Cream” is a fun, tail-shaking slice of rawk and roll.  From the high energy instrumental “Superpusher ’69” that opens the album to the riff heavy monsters such as “Escape from Reality”, “Atomic Race” and “Brother in Time” to the more trippy psychedelic “Let the Birds Fly” to the album’s best track “The Black Widow”, a good time will be had by all when this album is cranked up loud.

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