Smoked Blueberry and Scorpion Pepper Ribs/Maplewood Brownie Points/Brutus “Wandering Blind”

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Another week, another rib recipe here at Stoner Rock BBQ.  Tonight we don’t veer too much from our foundation of trimmed baby back ribs heavily seasoned with our War Pigs Chicago-Style Pork and Rib Rub, but the difference comes when its time to glaze these babies.  Using Heartbreaking Dawn’s insanely hot yet delicious 1498 Trinidad Scorpion hot sauce, we cook down half a bottle of the good stuff with a jar of wild blueberry preserves until it reaches a thick glaze to coat the smoky ribs with.  For the beer, we wanted something a little sweet and a little malty to go with the sweet, spicy and smoky ribs and that nod went to Logan Square’s Maplewood Brewing’s Brownie Points brown ale.  On the stereo we were cranking the good time fuzzy stoner boogie of Norway’s Brutus.  It’s going to be a tasty night on all fronts so let’s get smokin’!

Smoked Blueberry and Scorpion Pepper Ribs – Since the glaze needs to cook down for a while, let’s start there.  In a small saucepan, start melting a jar of wild blueberry preserves under low heat then we add 1/2 a jar of the scorpion pepper sauce into the empty preserve jar.  We give it a good shake to make a scorpion pepper/blueberry slurry and pour the contents into the saucepan.

As the glaze cooks down, it’s just the ribs that we have left to tackle.  We start by liberally seasoning a couple of racks of baby backs with our War Pigs Pork and Rib Rub.

We could use the smoker here but since it’s only a couple of racks of ribs, we’re just going to use our Weber Kettle, by banking 1/2 a chimney of coals and a few chunks of hickory on one side of the grill and the ribs on the other side.

The kettle does get a little hotter than a traditional smoker, we’ll have it hovering around 300 degrees, so in about 1 & 1/2 hours a deep brown bark will form, and the meat will have pulled away from the bone a bit.

By this time the glaze that is on the stove top has become just that, a thick sticky glaze.

With the ribs still on the cool side of the grill, we start brushing the racks with the spicy glaze until completely covered.

We’ll close the grill and let the glaze adhere to the ribs for another 15-20 minutes then we’ll reapply more glaze before wrapping them in foil with a splash of apple juice.

The wrapped ribs go on back on the grill for another 35-40 minutes until they’re just barely shy of fall off the bone tender.

Now, we’re not usually sauce people when it comes to our ribs, but this hot and spicy sauce was insanely addicting on the perfectly smoked and tender ribs.

Maplewood Brownie Points – We got turned on to this north side brewery/distillery by being blown away by their Son of Juice IPA.  We actually went out looking for cans of Son of Juice and after going to a couple of places and striking out, we came across their Brownie Points brown ale, made with Madagascar and Mexican vanilla.  Not what we were shopping for, but perfect for these ribs.  This beer is a brown ale in name only.  It looks like a cold, foamy glass of root beer when poured into a glass.  The similarities between what you expect from a ubiquitous brown ale and Brownie Points end there.  This beer is smooth and creamy with the sweet boozy carbonated flavor of a chocolate and vanilla swirl phosphate.  It would be an amazing desert beer but was equally as good as a partner to these spicy ribs.

Brutus “Wandering Blind” – We needed an album we could crank up during this mini heatwave we were having.  Norway’s Brutus is the perfect blend of classic heavy Sabbath mixed with the more groove oriented likes of Freedom Hawk, so it was the perfect choice to crank up outside while smoking these ribs.  From the Ozzy-esque title track that opens things up, to the album’s best track, the infectious “Drowning” all the way through to the psychedelic jam closing track, “Living in a Daze”, the whole album just flat out rips.


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