Smoked Yucatán Pork/Soundgrowler Dumblegore/Candlemass “Epicus Doomicus Metaliccus”

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Yes, we have been on a bit of a hiatus after the new year, but we are back feeling completely recharged, excited and ready for what 2018 holds in store for Stoner Rock BBQ.  One small change in format will be the beer and music sections.  We’re still holding true to our “light the grill, crack a beer and crank the tunes” philosophy and will continue to bring you these killer pairings, we’re just going to spend a lot more time enjoying the beer and tunes and a little less time writing these sections.  We felt a little burnt out digging for more adjectives and trying to keep things fresh, so you’ll notice a more laid back, less review-style format.  Since we really do listen to these albums and drink these beers while cooking the recipes, why would we do so with something that we didn’t enjoy anyway :).  Our hope is that this new format will even further the readers’ experience of being with us grill side.  Speaking of, let’s talk about what we’ve got going on the smoker this evening.  Yucatán Pork, a tart yet earthy blend of grapefruit, cinnamon, aromatics and a heavy dose of our La Curandera rub that chunks of pork shoulder gets braised in with some stock and beer after spending a few hours on the smoker. Served up with hot, slighty charred corn tortillas and a fresh homemade guacamole; these easily go down by the half dozen.  Making these even more tasty is washing them down with a growler of Soundgrowler Brewing’s killer IPA, Dumblegore.   Tacos and Soundgrowler beer requires the theme of the brewery to be played out in our tunes choice as well.  We went back to the early days of doom metal with the appropriately named debut from doom metal pioneers Candlemass, 1986’s “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus”.

Smoked Yucatán Pork – Admittedly when you look at the ingredient list on this dish, you might be scratching your head a wee bit. “Cinnamon, grapefruit and pork shoulder?” you might think.  Trust us that the end result is well worth it.  Our Yucatán Pork starts with pork shoulder that we butcher down into mid-sized chunks.

Instead of throwing a dry rub on these, we’re going to let these marinate in a wet rub for a while made of 1/2 cup of grapeseed oil and 2 tablespoons of our La Curandera Rub.  Place the pork in large ziplock bags, pour the marinade over the meat, shake well to cover and refrigerate up to overnight.

Traditionally the pork is smoked in large banana leaves, tonight we’re using hickory chucks to achieve that sweet, smoky flavor.  Place the pork down on the smoker and season with more La Curandera then let the meat smoke for about 3 hours until a deep dark brown crust forms.

Pull the pork shoulder off the grill and straight into a deep foil pan.  Now it’s time to fill in the pockets in between the pork chunks with all different sorts of deliciousness.  We start with 2 medium white onions cut in half and a whole garlic bulb peeled and separated into individual cloves.

Next up comes the fresh grapefruit.  All we need is one large one cut into quarters.  We squeeze the juice over all of the meat then tuck the remaining pulp and rind in each corner of the pan. Two cinnamon sticks go in at this point as well.

Next we sprinkle on a little more La Curandera before adding the braising liquid; 1 cup of vegetable broth and a bottle of lager.

The pan gets wrapped tightly in foil and goes in a 275 degree oven for another 2-3 hours until the meat is fall apart tender. Pull the pork apart as you would traditional pulled pork.

All that we need to do now is whip a quick creamy/spicy guacamole to adorn these simplistic tacos.  In a medium bowl place the flesh of 3 avocados the add in 1/2 of a finely diced white onion, a small handful of chopped cilantro, 1/2 of a jalapeño finley diced and a squeeze of lime.

To add a little more heat, we’re going to hit the guac with some Heartbreaking Dawns 1841 Pear and Ghost Pepper hot sauce and finish it off with some sea salt.

That’s all there is to it tonight.  This succulent pork doesn’t need to be drowned out in salsa, sour cream, cheese or anything else other than the creamy guacamole and placed on a warm, smoky charred corn tortilla.  These were taco perfection.

Soundgrowler Dumblegore – Our goal tonight is to be anywhere in the same ballpark when it comes to the drinking, dining and music experience exhibited at our favorite local brewery, Soundgrowler Brewing in Tinley Park.  The family recipes that are behind some of the best burritos and nachos you’ll ever eat, combined with their killer beer, have made our obsession for IPAs and Mexican Food almost as strong as our obsession for IPAs and burgers.  The growler of their Dumblegore IPA that made it home with us went perfectly with the tacos; it’s on the deliciously dank side with a great hop bitterness that somehow manages to be super easy drinking.

Candlemass “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” – Roughly translated as latin for “Epic Doom Metal”, Sweden’s Candlemass are widely considered pioneers in the A.S. (after Sabbath) doom metal scene and this debut ranks as an all time classic.  Released in 1986 the foundation of what doom metal would ultimately mold into, can be found here.   Candlemass took the Sabbath base that every doom metal band (heck, every metal band period) starts with and takes things to an even darker, doomier place.  The guitars are down-tuned and fuzzy and the pace funeral procession slow.  This being 1986 and with the likes of Bruce Dickinson, King Diamond and a young Tom Araya dominating the metal scene, singer Johan Längquist used his operatic pipes to soar over the sludgy music like a sandpiper skimming over a viscous oil spill.  The album is bookended with the haunting opener “Solitude” and equally eerie closer “A Sorcerer’s Pledge” leaving the middle for the band to exercise its powerful metal chops and create the best, most cohesive album in their discography.






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