Grilled Australian Surf and Turf/Rock Bottom Name This Kolsch/Arrowhead “Atomsmasher”

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We’re spending a night on the luxurious side of the food spectrum this evening with the king of all meals; steak and lobster  We’re doing ours down under-style with this Grilled Australian Surf and Turf.  A huge well-marbled grilled ribeye and fresh lobster tails served with a spicy, buttery, garlicky beer sauce to be exact.  For the beer, we went with a crisp Kölsch from Rock Bottom that shall remain nameless.  No seriously, it has no name yet, it pours under the moniker of Name This Kolsch.  For the tunes it would be nearly impossible to feature an Australian dish and not feature our favorite Aussie band to go with it, so Arrowhead’s “Atomsmasher” got the nod on the stereo this evening.  Let’s get to the grilling!

Grilled Australian Surf and Turf – Despite this dish’s relative foo foo-ness, it’s actually a really quick weeknight meal, albeit on the pricier side, especially if you live in the landlocked midwest where the only lobsters that are plentiful are Red Lobsters.   For this dish let’s start with everyones favorite food staple: butter.  In a small saucepan we need to melt down about 4 tablespoons of the good stuff.  Once melted, we add in a heaping handful of red pepper flakes and 5-6 finely chopped garlic cloves.


We stir the ingredients over medium/low heat until the garlic softens then we spoon a little of the butter sauce into fresh lobster tails that have been butterflied slightly.

We can put the lobster tails aside for just a quick second while we liberally season our ribeye steaks with our (Not So) Gentle Butcher’s Rub.

Before we head outside we just need to finish off our sauce.  To the garlic butter we add 1/2 a bottle of amber beer and bring to a simmer. Reduce the heat to low and add in half a cup of whole milk.

As the sauce warms, we can knock out the lobster and steak in only few minutes.  We need a scorching hot fire to get a great crust on the steak but still wind up with a perfect medium rare interior.  Over the hottest part of the grill place down the steak and the lobster with the flesh side up.

After 3-4 minutes flip both over and repeat for another 3 minutes or so on the other side.

We forgot the aesthetically pleasing step of sticking a bamboo skewer through the tails to stop them from flapping up like a deranged mermaid.

With the important stuff cooked, we knock out some veg, like a baked potato and sweet peas and platter everything up.  The last piece is pouring that amazingly spicy butter sauce over pretty much everything and digging in to this deliciousness.

Rock Bottom Name This Kolsch – Chain restaurants are usually not our bag, but we do have about 2-3 of them that we consider to be really good restaurants and Rock Bottom is one of them.  If you’re rolling your eyes, we’d ask that you try their jalapeño pretzel sticks with jalapeño cheese sauce and then get back to us.  As far as the beer goes, they do a decent job with the styles and variety they offer. Nothing that would blow you away, but you could do worse than picking up a fresh growler of beer from them on your way home like we did this evening.  The new location near our house was pouring their promotional Name This Kölsch so we went with this light style so as to not overpower any of the richness of the dish.  When we say light, we mean light.  It pours so light yellow it’s almost clear with a crisp, yet slightly skunk, tart aroma.  It looked, smelled and tasted very similar to a macrobrewed lager which normally wouldn’t be a great thing but it was just what we were looking for this evening.

Arrowhead “Atomsmasher” – There are just not enough adjectives to describe these guys, honestly they’ve become one of our all time favorite bands with their brand of fuzzed out stoner rock meets straight up sleazy rock and roll.  “Atomsmasher” is their full length debut and is full of tunes that will constantly have you reaching for your volume knob to crank things up even louder. Every track is killer on this release with each one better than the next, if we had to pick a top track it would be the groove-heavy made for the open road “Horse Called Doom”.  We’ve got one more release of theirs to feature (the debut self-titled EP) then we’re going to be sitting back and waiting for another release and hopefully a tour that brings these lads stateside.


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