Smoked Scottish Eggs/Founders Dirty Bastard/The Zenith “The Zenith”

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We built this combination based on a six pack of Founders Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale that we got for Christmas.  After an exhaustive search of Scottish cuisine that resulted in page after page of haggis recipes, we were about to give up on the Scottish theme night we had prepared until we came across the Scotch Egg.  Shrouded in historical mystery as to where and how these meat encased eggs came to be, we’ve always approached these odd orbs with a huge collective “meh”.  However to forge on with our theme night and given the choice between these and haggis, the choice was rather easy.  The preparation is a snap: just a hard boiled egg wrapped in pork sausage.  We changed things up a little by smoking them over applewood then serving them with a jalapeño deviled egg dipping sauce.  We went back to the Google for a Scottish stoner rock band and immediately a band called The Zenith (well, after Nazareth) came up.  One spin of their debut self-titled record and we were immediately hooked by their intoxicating blend of psychobilly, punk and straight up rock and roll.

Smoked Scotch Eggs – As we mentioned, these are extremely simple to make.  The only real time consuming aspect (and we use that term loosely) is the deviled egg dipping sauce.  These originally started out as Scotch deviled eggs but the idea of slicing a hard boiled egg in half to remove the yolk, putting it back together then having to cut it back in half at exactly the same spot after its been wrapped in sausage gave us too much anxiety.  So, the deviled egg part became a sauce.  We start with a 2 to 1 mayo to yellow mustard mix then add in a teaspoon of grated horseradish.

Mix well.  Now its time for the spice in the form of a teaspoon of our Flambeaux Blackened Rub and 1/2 of a minced jalapeño.

Mix until smooth and refrigerate.  Now we can start on the eggs by spreading out a pork sausage patty on a piece of wax paper to about twice its size.

Place a hard boiled egg in the center of the sausage and season with more Flambeaux.

Now we just carefully wrap the sausage around the egg, completely encasing it so that no egg is showing.  Using wet hands here helps immensely in this process.

A little more Flambeaux goes on top of each egg and we place these in the fridge to firm up for a couple of hours.

At the grill we bank 1/2 of a chimney of coals on one side of the grill and once lit, add in a chunk of apple wood.  The Scotch eggs go on the cool side of the grill once the wood starts smoking.

Cover the grill and let the eggs smoke for about 45 minutes to an hour.  Once they are crispy on the outside and cooked through but still moist on the inside, they are done.

We just need to platter them up and serve with the jalapeño deviled egg sauce.  These were a cool concept and we’re bummed we didn’t get a pic of the egg cut in half, flavor-wise they were good but not something we’d be craving anytime soon.  We’re glad we tried them, but give us straight up deviled eggs any day of the week.

Founders Dirty Bastard – Scotch Ales; if our beloved IPAs are on one side of the beer flavor spectrum,  Scotch Ales are on the complete other end.  Typically malty, heavy and boozy the hops are usually non-existent.  Dirty Bastard pours a cloudy brown looking like a flat cola with a bubbly tan head on top.  The aroma is over the top malty as we would expect and the flavor follows suit with a syrupy sweet taste and mouthfeel and good amount of boozy wallop.  The beer is one of the richer, more full-bodied Scotch ales and really demands to be sipped.  With the temps below zero, it more than did its job keeping us warm while the Scotch eggs were smoking and paired extremely well with the smoky sausage and rich egg as it drew out the smoky notes from the beer, ironically making for one of the best pairings we’ve done even though on their own neither the food or the beer was on par with what we usually eat and drink.

The Zenith “The Zenith” – Its been awhile since we’ve went into a band blind such as we did this evening.  We knew after the first few seconds of listening that this was what we were going to be listening to grill side this evening, so the entire first listen happened while we were grilling which usually doesn’t happen.  The Zenith comes out sounding like the love child between Gluecifer and Danzig with enough punk and psychobilly roots to almost put it off the stoner rock grid.  “Fire” is the aforementioned first song that hooked us in immediately.  The groove gets laid down right away recalling a darker Leadfoot and sets the pace for what follows.  A thunderous Geezer Butler-esque bass riff kicks off “Won’t You Tell Me” followed by an appropriately crushing riff.  Vocally and stylistically the song dabbles more in early 70s Pentagram-style doom metal with a little blues thrown in for good measure.  Those blues roots show themselves even more on the Thin Lizzy sounding “Underneath the Guns” thanks to a vocal cadence in the same style as Phil Lynott.  It’s pretty much pure late 70s/early 80s melodic punk on “For Love” as you can hear equal parts The Ramones and The Misfits on this track.   “You Put a Hex on Me” while still punk at its core is best defined but its absolutely huge arena rock riff that is the song’s backbone.  Possibly the best track on the album is “The Meek Inherit the Earth”, a groove monster that is equally as catchy in the vocal department.  The album closes out with “Outside” a barn burner of a tune that ends things with a bang in all its psychobilly glory.

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