Sausage and Pepper Bao/Revolution Crystal Hero/Nebula “Heavy Psych”

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We’re back with yet another “freezer meal”.  The entire thing actually (with the exception of the homemade BBQ sauce) is made from leftover frozen goodies; a couple of homemade Italian sausages, 1/2 package of bao buns and some frozen sliced peppers and onions.  We just grill up the sausage and veggies, place them on steamed bao buns and drizzle a spicy Asian-tinged BBQ sauce on them.  Simple yet delicious.  We paired up Revolution’s Crystal Hero IPA with these little beauties and had the classic “Heavy Psych” album from California’s Nebula.

Sausage and Pepper Bao – This honestly is one of the easiest and quickest meals we’ve done in a while.  Everything is pretty much done on the grill and start to finish dinner is on the table in less than 20 minutes.  Making things even more efficient, we can do the veggies and sausage at the same time.  In a grated grill pan toss in 1 sliced red pepper, 1 sliced green pepper and a thinly sliced white onion. Place over a medium/hot flame.  Right next to the pan, lay two large high quality Italian sausages down directly on the grate.   

Toss the peppers and onion until soft and slightly charred and continue cooking the Italian sausage until all sides are nicely charred. Remove from heat.

Slice the sausages into links the size of the bao buns and place a sausage inside each steamed bun.

Spoon a little of the pepper and onion mixture on top, followed by a drizzle of a spicy Asian bbq sauce.

These little mini sandwiches were nothing short of addicting.  Not since the days of Marco Polo have Chinese and Italian fused together so deliciously.

Revolution Brewing Crystal Hero – We’ve made it to the end of our mixed 12 pack from a Revolution’s Hero series of IPAs with, quite possibly, our favorite one of the bunch.  Crystal Hero pours a clear amber color with a white foamy head.  The aroma is perfectly tropical; mostly of pungent mango.  The flavor is equally as tropical with a huge shot of bitter hops.  It’s a great IPA and it went great with the spicy sausage sandwiches.

Nebula “Heavy Psych” – We rediscovered this album a couple of weeks back and couldn’t wait to pair it up with something tasty.  That day has come and we had “Heavy Psych” from desert rock legends Nebula cranked up loud, grill side.  Consisting of 1/2 of the original Fu Manchu line-up, they are part of the desert rock pantheon in their own right. With a sound familiar to Fu Manchu’s, while incorporating some early 70s heavy metal and Mother Love Bone-style sleazy grunge, making Nebula a sound all its own. The band starts things out in slower, trippier fashion on “Pulse” drawing as much from Jefferson Airplane as they do from Pentagram.  “The Dagger” is really where things start to pick up with a groovy psychedelic swagger that should come with its own smoke machine.  It’s a raw, dirty rocker that oozes that desert rock fuzz.  The best track on the album is the electric “Aphrodite” that recalls “Spine of God”-era Monster Magnet at its finest.  A little retro psychedelic blues makes its way into  “Into the Depth’s,” sounding like a British Invasion-era tune.  “The Other Side” is by far the trippiest tune on the album, but with a little bit of angst to bring things a little into Mudhoney territory.  “Lead Sky” is a rocker in every sense of the word while “Little Yellow Pill” is a twangy alt-country gem.  The album concludes with “Running of the Bulls”, a noise rock piece of spoken word samples that deviates from the tone of the entire album musically, but coincides with the overall trippiness of the album.

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