Potato and Poblano Burrito/Soundgrowler Grinder Punch/Electric Wizard “Wizard Bloody Wizard”

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This meal was completely put together after a trip to one of our new favorite breweries in the south suburbs, Soundgrowler Brewing in Tinley Park.  The beer is amazing and the authentic tacqueria fare is some of the best you’ll find around.  Oh yeah, and they crank up some killer doom music in the taproom while you’re enjoying their food and beer.  In other words, it’s a perfect place to hang.  We pay homage tonight by making these vegetarian Potato and Poblano Burritos with razor thin slices of fried potatoes, grilled poblanos, lettuce, crema, cotija cheese and salsa verde in a slightly crisp yet chewy tortilla.  We paired these up with the best Soundgrowler brew of the bunch, their Grinder Punch APA that, thankfully, they had canned and ready to go. Of course we had to keep the music in line with the what they would play at the brewery and what better way to do that than with the latest from doom legends Electric Wizard’s latest “Wizard Bloody Wizard”.

Potato and Poblano Burrito – Stick with us here, this burrito is not just for vegetarians.  We’ll start by grilling 6-7 poblanos over a medium high heat on the grill.

As those are getting charred, we’ll turn our attention to the potato.  Using a potato peeler we’re going to peel some russet potatoes then continue to use the peeler to get thin uniform slices of potato that we’ll soak in cold water.

This is little time consuming so there will be a little back and forth between turning the peppers on the grill and doing KP duty on the potatoes.  Once the potatoes are done, the peppers should be nice and charred and ready for slicing.

Now it’s time to pan fry the potatoes.  We heat a pan up with grapeseed oil that covers the bottom of the pan, then add the potatoes so they don’t overlap one another.

We let the spuds fry for a few minutes until they brown on the bottom then we flip over and season with La Curandera Mexican Rub.

Once the bottom browns, we remove from the heat and keep warm.    As for the toppings, we’re going to do a little something different.  First the crema; in a small jar we combine a cup of crema with the juice of 1/2 of a lime and a tablespoon of cotija cheese.

Now we take crisp romaine and slice it really thin along with a few halved grape tomatoes. Toss in the crema and mix well.

Alright, now we can get down to rolling these up.  We start by warming a large flour tortilla on a griddle then we lay down a patty of fried potatoes followed by a few strips of the grilled peppers.

The creamy lettuce and tomato mixture goes right on top followed by a another liberal sprinkling of cotija cheese.

It’s time to roll up burrito-style then place back on the griddle until golden brown all over.

Slice in half and serve up with cold cans of Grinder Punch for a perfect combination of food and beer.

Soundgrowler Grinder Punch – This hoppy APA pours a beautiful cloudy orange with a good bit of effervescence and a snowy white head sitting on top.  The aroma is the perfect IPA; tropical and dank just begging to be drank. The flavor is everything the aroma promises and more.  Huge amounts of bitter hops dominate the palate but the beer is crisp and the mouthfeel is light making this beer perfect.  As for the pairing, it was perfect just like it was at the brewery when we paired up the Grinder Punch with their awesome steak burrito.  

Electric Wizard  “Wizard Bloody Wizard” – In the doom scene you’ve got Sleep who is the undisputed, uncontested champion and then you’ve got Electric Wizard who have built enough of a name for themselves to be mentioned in the same breath with the upper echelon of the genre.  Not always the most accessible band when it came to their records, their debut “Dopethrone” is considered a classic (and for good reason) followed by a string of albums that were full of ultra slow and fuzzed out noisy doom metal with some definite high, but inconsistent moments.  The internet was all abuzz with the anticipation of the  release of their 9th studio album, “Wizard Bloody Wizard”, we were cautiously optimistic, however.   That cautiousness went out the window after the first spin of the album.  The band takes a cue from Uncle Acid on this release in that you can still be dark and doomy but still be melodic.  The opening track “See You in Hell” (no, not a cover of the Grim Reaper classic) is a perfect representation of that truth.  Steeped in traditional blues, the heavy riff is the backbone of this song but its also allows for the vocals, which have always been somewhat muted on earlier Wizard albums, to really shine through.  “Necromania” actually has a groovy swagger to it making it almost psychedelic in its delivery and its awesome.  On “Hear The Sirens Scream” things return to the doomy and darker side, sounding as if Pentagram were to make a new album today. After the organ-heavy, mostly spoken word ‘The Reaper”, the band kicks into “Wicked Caresses” a dark, Sabbath-like tune that builds and builds over its six plus minute existence.  The album’s swan song is “Mourning of the Magicians”, an 11 minute epic that is more in line with what the band is known for, stretching the boundaries of doom metal into different territories but staying firmly grounded in what they do best.  In our opinion “Wizard Bloody Wizard” is the band’s pinnacle, it’s a perfect doom album and one we would put a shade above their classic “Dopethrone”.

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