Grilled Stuffed Italian Skirt Steak Rolls/Hailstorm Prairie Madness/The Atomic Bitchwax “Force Field”

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It’s not very often when the second meal we make with the leftovers from a previous meal is actually fancier than what the original meal was, but that’s exactly what happened tonight.  Coming off our pizza bar night, we still had a nice piece of skirt steak left from the steak taco pizza and quite a few slices of the spicy pepperoni from the pepperoni pizza.  We immediately thought of stuffed steak rolls so we rubbed the skirt steak down with olive oil and some Bootlicker then started layering pepperoni followed by shredded romano cheese and finally some Italian-seasoned breadcrumbs.  We rolled the steak up super tight in plastic wrap and let it chill for a couple of days in the fridge before grilling it over charcoal and slicing it into pinwheels to serve over sautéed spinach.  For the beer, we opened up our birthday growler of Hailstorm’s incredible Prairie Madness IPA.  Rounding out the killer pairing was the new album from The Atomic Bitchwax, “Force Field” which we have not been able to get off our stereo since its release a couple of weeks ago.

Grilled Stuffed Italian Skirt Steak Rolls – For as fancy as these appear, we pretty much provided the entire recipe in the first couple sentences of our intro paragraph above.  Let’s just go over those with pictures, shall we?  We start by laying down a nice long piece of skirt steak and rubbing it down with olive oil and a liberal amount of Bootlicker.

Next we layer slicing pepperoni down the entire steak, overlapping slightly.

Next up comes the shredded romano cheese, another healthy dose of which that gets spread out on top of the pepperoni.

The last part on the stuffing is the Italian-seasoned breadcrumbs that get scattered on top of the cheese.

Now the semi-tricky part, we need to tightly roll this sucker without pushing the interior goodness out whilst we roll.  Starting at the bottom of the steak, fold it over about a 1/4″ inch then simultaneously roll upward with your thumbs as the rest of your fingers hold down the stuffing ingredients in place. Roll until the seam side is down.

The stuffed roast now gets another dusting of Bootlicker before being really tightly wrapped in plastic wrap then pop in the fridge for a day or two to firm up and set.

Fast forward a day or two and let’s get grilling.  We’ll get the grill pretty hot and place the roast seam-side down over the hottest part of the flame.

We’re looking to char every side of this piece of meat including the top and bottom of the sphere.

At this point, the interior is probably still rare, so we wrap the roast tightly in foil and place it on the cool side of the grill and cover.

As the steak is finishing for the next 8-10 minutes on the grill, we can knock out the spinach that will act as the foundation to this meal.  In a medium sauté pan we add a couple bags of baby spinach to some warmed olive oil and season with Bootlicker.

After about 3 minutes, the spinach will be perfectly wilted so we just need to keep warm.

It’s time to pull the roast off the grill and let rest for a couple minutes.  Next we’re going to slice it into 3/4″ pinwheels.

The spinach can now go down on a platter followed by a few of the stuffed steak pinwheels.

These were hands down one of the best things we’ve made in awhile, perfectly tender and bursting with Italian flavors, this will be a staple of ours going forward.

Hailstorm Prairie Madness – Tinley Park’s Hailstorm is quite the happening spot, tucked away in a quiet industrial park, the place is always packed and every time we’ve tried to stop in we’ve been unable to actually get in it was so packed.  Thankfully we received a growler of their Prairie Madness IPA and couldn’t wait to dive in.  The beer pours a dark orangish auburn with a minimal head.  The aroma is in our opinion, the perfect IPA nose, it’s bitter and dank yet tropical.   The flavor is on point as well, it’s cheek puckering-ly bitter but also super easy drinking making this one of the best IPAs we’ve ever had and the brewery has a gold medal to prove it.  We were a little worried about the pairing but with food and beer this good, it didn’t matter. They paired up great.

The Atomic Bitchwax “Force Field” – Being huge fans of these guys since their debut way back in the late 90s, we’ve traveled with them on their musical journey from the angst-ridden psychedelic punk rock early days through some of the more mellow, melodic material and now to “Force Field”, a return to form so to speak to the first two albums’ intensity.  The opening track “Hippie Speedball” sounds like it could open either “I” or “II”: a pedal to metal rocker roaring with raw power it’s a quintessential album opener and provides a perfect sneak peak as to what’s to come.  “Earth Shaker” has the catchy swagger of QOTSA without all the pretense.  Looking for Bad Wizard-esque energy and speed? Then look no further than “Alaskan Thunder Fuck”, which takes the simple blues boogie formula to heights unknown on this breakneck tune.  The band doesn’t let up on “Shocker” as elements of AC/DC, early Last Vegas and The Datsuns blend together to create this Malatov cocktail of sound. The best track on the album might be “Crazy”, a tune that while being a little more spaced out vocally, still rocks out with reckless abandon complete with an absolutely smokin’ guitar solo.  “Fried, Dyed and Layin to the Side” despite its hilarious name is a killer instrumental and one of the band’s calling cards on their earlier albums, their penchant for jamming.  “Shell of a Man” takes ZZ Top’s “Just Got Paid”‘s riff and puts it through the old stoner rock fuzz machine to create a fresh, heavy rock and roll tune.  Even though these guys are from Jersey, they perfect the Palm Desert sound on “Tits and Bones” perfectly.  “Super Highway” is exactly what you’d expect from the title, a made for the road tune that demands speed limits to be pushed.  The closing track on the album is “Liv A Little” and it starts off with a shocking resemblance to Gary Glitter’s “Rock and Roll” and becoming a rock and roll anthem in its own right, capping off an incredible album that is also a contender for album of the year.


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