Grilled Mushroom Havarti Ranch Burgers/Left Hand Brewing Extrovert/Comacozer “Kalos Eidos Skopeo”

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If Captain Obvious ate burgers, this would be the burger he would eat.  Ask what’s on the Grilled Mushroom Havarti Ranch Burger and the reply would be a burger with mushroom, havarti and ranch.  We had a mushroom burger at the local farm to table restaurant Girl in the Park a month or so ago that was so good, we’ve been craving it ever since.  We took to the grill tonight with that local grass-fed ground beef in hand and grilled perfect burgers that we topped with baby portabellos sautéed in butter and garlic, a boatload of melted creamy havarti and a drizzle of ranch served on top of buttery, griddled brioche buns.  The “burger IPA” of choice tonight came from Colorado’s Left Hand Brewing famous for their excellent milk stout but tonight we gave their Extrovert IPA a whirl. On the speakers was the psychedelic heavy jams of Australia’s Comacozer on their latest release “Kalos Eidos Skopeo”.

Grilled Mushroom Havarti Ranch Burgers – With only five ingredients to this burger INCLUDING the burger and bun, you can get these knocked out in no time.  Everything is done on the grill with this recipe, all you need is a grill and a grill safe pan and you’re ready to roll.  Let’s start with the mushrooms.  We love using baby portabellos for sautéing, they’re more flavorful than your standard button mushroom but soften to a creamy texture, unlike some of your more exotic mushrooms.  We toss a container of sliced baby portabellos in a pan with about a tablespoon of melted butter and season with our Not So Gentle Butcher’s Rub (salt, pepper and garlic would work fine too).

Next up we add 2 crushed garlic cloves and sauté for about 15 minutes until soft and dark brown.

Shift the pan over to the cool side of the grill so we can get working on these delicious burger.  We’re going 1/3 lb. again with the local grass-fed beef that we’ve seasoned with more of our Not So Gentle Butcher’s Rub.

The burgers go down over the hottest part of the grill as we let them char on each side for 2-3 minutes.

Now, normally we’d scoot the burgers over the cool side too at this point to finish cooking through, but tonight we throw you a curve ball.  Remove the mushrooms from the pan and add another pat of butter to the same pan.  Now, we can transfer the burgers to the buttery pan and cover each of them with a pile of shrooms and well, an obscene amount of havarti cheese, like 2-3 slices of havarti on each patty.

Close the lid for only a couple of minutes and let the cheese melt.

Carefully remove the cheesy burgers from the pan and keep warm, then in that same pan toss down some brioche buns, cut side down.  Brown for about 30 seconds, remove and slather some good quality ranch dressing on the top half.

Now we just need to add that ginormous pile of mushroomy, cheesy, buttery, beefy goodness to the bottom bun and we’re all set to unleash one of the tastiest, greasiest, cheesiest burgers your tastebuds have ever met.

Left Hand Brewing Extrovert – Not until we searched our archives did we realize just how many Left Hand Brewing beers we had already featured. That being said, it’s been over two years since our last feature.  That changes tonight as we sample our first IPA from the brewery that made the milk stout famous.  Extrovert is a beautifully cloudy and orange-hued beer that pours with a fluffy, pearly white on top.  The aroma is fairly subtle with scents of soapiness and pine.  The flavor profile falls between pine and orange with a nice offset of sweetness and bitterness.  Its got a relatively light mouthfeel for a beer clocking in at just over 7% ABV which you can only tell by the booziness on the finish.  We love our big burgers and IPAs and this one worked extremely well with all of the richness of the cheese, butter and shrooms.

Comacozer “Kalos Eidos Skopeo” – Australia’s Comacozer has got the fuzzy yet spacey instrumental stoner doom genre (yes, we’re pretty sure that is a stoner rock sub sub sub sun genre) down to a science.  Their latest opus, “Kalos Eidos Skopeo” takes the listener even further out to space than on their last release “Astra Planeta”, so much so, that trying to describe the four songs that make up the album individually doesn’t really do the whole concept of the album much justice.  This album could have easily taken the Sleep route of one long 42 minute song but instead split it up into quarters starting with “Axis Mundi” that serves as a good opener with its slow building intro that morphs into a slow, sludgy heavy jam.  “Nystagmus” is about as atmospheric as it gets; the soundtrack to a dark, underwater deep dive if you will.  On “Hylonomus” things get a little more dark and haunting, like a thriller movie’s score.  The album closes with “Enuma Fish”, a bass heavy epic that is as hypnotic as it is transcendiary and puts a nice, smoky bow on what is a terrific instrumental concept album.

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