Grilled Salmon Lettuce Wraps/Revolution Sun Crusher/Smoke Mountain “Smoke Mountain”

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It’s been a bit since we’ve done lettuce wraps; which, historically have been of the more traditional Asian variety and normally made with chicken.  Not tonight though. We turned both things on their collective ears by concocting these mediterranean salmon wraps.  Continuing on with our fish kick, we hit the grill with some salmon filets brushed with a beer mustard to use in these lettuce wraps that are also filled with quinoa, sliced avocado and creamy dill sauce.  Don’t let the ingredients fool you. These are delicious and full of flavor.  These healthy DIY wraps need a light ale to be paired up with and Revolution Brewing came through with their summery wheat ale, Sun Crusher.  With a bright meal and even brighter beer in hand, we went with…a super dark and doomy album from Florida doomsayers Smoke Mountain on their self-titled EP.

Grilled Salmon Lettuce Wraps – As far as prep goes, we only have the dill sauce, the mustard glaze and the salmon to knock out in this easy weeknight meal.  Let’s start with the dill sauce.  In a small bowl combine 1/4 cup of plain Greek yogurt with a small handful of chopped fresh dill, a squeeze of lemon and a tablespoon of Bootlicker (or similar mediterranean rub).  Cover and toss in the fridge.

Now on to the next sauce, the beer mustard glaze which is just dijon mustard with a splash of beer.

With the sauces done, all that is left to do is grill the salmon.  Over a medium/hot flame we place fresh salmon filets that we season liberally with The (Not So) Gentle Butcher’s Rub (salt, pepper and garlic would also work).

We let these go about 3-4 minutes until the skin is crisp and the flesh starts to turn opaque.

Now its time to glaze, we brush on the beer mustard quite heavy and then close the lid to let the glaze set in.

Now we just plate this up.  We need a few lettuce leaves, cooked quinoa, sliced avocado and our dill sauce and let your creativity go from there.

Revolution Sun Crusher – After going through Revolution Brewing’s lengthy IPA/pale ale selections, especially their stacked Hero series, we deviate tonight, albeit slightly, to their hoppy wheat ale, Sun Crusher. The beer pours a very light yellow with a wispy head that dissipates immediately.   The aroma is sweet with mango and a little bitterness.  In the flavor department, Revolution keeps things light and refreshing with an easy drinking mouthfeel and mild wheat flavor that has a good punch of hops on the finish.  Gumballhead was the pioneer of the hoppy wheat style and many still regard it as the bar when it comes to hoppy wheats but Sun Crusher is every bit as good, if not better in our opinion, and this one in particular went great with the light, fresh salmon.

Smoke Mountain “Smoke Mountain” – Back to back doom nights here at the Stoner Rock BBQ, tonight the low and slow evil sounds of Tallahassee’s Smoke Mountain graced our stereo.  The self-titled EP starts off with “Demon”, an appropriately named tune given its dark, low-end wall of fuzz that reverberates over the airy vocals.   “Violent Night” continues down the same path starting off with a sledgehammer groove played at a funeral pace; its ridiculously heavy but that heaviness is cut through by the amazing vocals of front woman Sarah Pitt.  It’s a clinic in classic doom, mixing Pentagram with Electric Wizard in perfect fashion.  The EP ends too soon with a page out of the Black Sabbath playbook.  “Smoke Mountain” by Smoke Mountain off the album “Smoke Mountain” shares a few similarities with Sweden’s Mammoth Volume in its huge stoner doom riffs.  It’s a teaser release for sure, with hopefully a full length following shortly. Smoke Mountain is a killer band, destined for great things.

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