Grilled Southwest Pork Tenderloin/350 Brewing Ruckus/Puta Volcano “Harmony of Spheres”

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This one is almost too easy, but then again the made for the grill, always juicy, always tasty pork tenderloin doesn’t ever really need much. Tonight we make a quick southwestern rub for the pork then grill it using direct heat over charcoal. To serve, a bright and tangy black bean salsa laced with cucumber, avocado and cilantro acts as the sauce and the veg. We paired this smoky dish with a fresh growler of 350 Brewing’s Ruckus Golden Ale. For the tunes we head all the way to Greece for Puta Volcabo’s latest “Harmony of Spheres”.

Grilled Southwest Pork Tenderloin – Ok, pay attention because if you blink you might miss this entire recipe, it’s that quick and easy.  Let’s start with prepping most of the salsa; in a medium bowl add 1 can of rinsed black beans, 1/2 of a diced English cucumber and a handful of chopped cilantro.

To make the dressing we whisk together 1/3 cup rice wine vinegar with 2 tablespoons of honey and a teaspoon each of garlic powder and cumin.  Toss with the bean mixture and set aside.

Now on to the pork, we start by heavily seasoning a pork tenderloin with cumin, garlic, chili powder, salt and pepper.

Next up we get a grill going at medium/hot temp and toss the tenderloin down over direct heat.  

Normally with larger chunks of meat we sear over direct heat then indirect cook until cooked through, but tonight we wanted a little more char on the outside so we’re doing the whole thing over direct heat.  The key here is to turn the pork a lot more often; slowly getting it to deeply char on all sides.

Remove from heat and tent with foil to keep warm while we finish the salsa by adding a diced avocado to the bowl and carefully mixing. 

To serve we lay down a bunch of that salsa on a platter, top with slices of the grilled pork and garnish with lime wedges and sliced fresh jalapeño.  Super easy, but also ridiculously delicious. 

350 Brewing Ruckus – One of our favorite times of the month, picking up our 350 growler!  This month’s selection was their Ruckus Golden Ale.  The beer pours a shiny dark yellow and foamy with a Belgium-y yeasty aroma.  The flavor is of roasted malt and as smooth as a cream ale. It’s a flavorful, well balanced representation of a style that can be ambiguous at times, but this one is delicious, managing to be easy drinking but full of flavor. It was the perfect crisp and mild companion to the southwest flavors in the meal.

Puta Volcano “Harmony of Spheres” – Athens Greece’s Puta Volcano brings it in on their latest release “Harmony of Spheres” with an onslaught of chunky riffs, dark grooves that permeate throughout and the magical pipes of vocalist of Luna that can slither her way from Grace Slick to Layne Staley and back again flawlessly.  It’s psychedelic stoner rock injected with a heavy dose of grunge.  The album opens with “Dune” and a distorted Meat Puppets-esque riff.  The tune is a medium-paced rocker that rides the catchy riff throughout the entire song.  The chorus is 100% AIC in its harmonious delivery.  “Bird”  starts off pretty low and controlled, yet constantly building thanks to a killer bass line.  It’s not until the last minute or so of the song when things get huge with  “Dirt”-era like vocals.  “Jovien Winds” picks up the pace significantly again with great harmonies but not as dark, bringing more an 80s metal flash to it.  A total curveball is thrown on “Zeroth Law” but with really cool results, it’s rap/funk/rock in the same vein as FNM and delivered flawlessly.  “Neon” may be the best on the album, a tune that had us reaching for the volume on the first note.  It’s a made for the car tune, to be sure, made to be played at max volume doing max speed.  With the low rumbling bass line and slightly distorted vocals, “Moebius” sticks a toe in the industrial/alternative world of early Filter.  One of the best vocal perfomances on the disc is on “Afterglow”, close your eyes and you’d swear your listening to Cedric from Mars Volta.  The album closes with “Infinity”, a relatively chill tune that winds things down on a fantastic album.  “Harmony of Spheres is a time piece release, proudly raising the flag of all the best that was 90s rock and grunge and delivering it with a modern day stoner rock flair.

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