Bacon, Chorizo and Jalapeño Mexican Pizza/O’Fallon Zeke’s Pale Ale/Cult of the Black Moon Risin’ “Two Song Demo”

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This is not our first rodeo when it comes to Mexican pizzas.  Having done a steak one as well as chorizo suizas one, this time we went with a spicy meat lovers one of sorts tonight with a thin crust topped with a spicy chipotle tomato sauce, bacon, chorizo, fresh jalapeño, shredded sharp cheddar and salsa verde.   The pizza is baked for only a few minutes until the crust is crisp and the cheese is melted then cut into squares.  We were knocking back a few of the O’Fallon Zeke’s Pale Ales to wash down these spicy concoctions.   For the tunes, we were looking for a quick album to spin during this relatively fast meal and we were pumped to have the new two song demo from Germany’s Cult of the Bad Moon Risin’ blasting out of the speakers.

Bacon, Chorizo and Jalapeño Mexican Pizza – Here again we are using middle eastern lavash to make this cracker thin and crisp pizza.  Before we get to the crust though, let’s start browning some meat!  Get a medium sauté pan up to a medium heat and add in 4 strips of bacon, roughly chopped.   Crisp up the bacon and remove from heat to drain.

Reserve the bacon grease from the pan for another use and add in one link of chorizo to the pan.  Brown the chorizo, crumbling it with the back of a spoon.

For the sauce base, all we use is a 8 oz can of pizza sauce mixed with a tablespoon of adobo sauce.  Spread a thin layer of the sauce on the lavash.

Next up comes the freshly shredded sharp cheddar that we lightly sprinkle over the sauce.

Time for the meat and peppers.  The bacon and chorizo get sprinkled on then we place slices of fresh jalapeño all over.

The pizza goes into a 425 degree oven for 4-5 minutes until the cheese is melted and the crust crisps up a bit.  Remove from the oven.

A drizzle of salsa verde is the finishing touch here before we slice into squares and dig in.  The best part of the pizza was the bacon, the other flavors are great but pretty straight forward Mexican flavors but the bacon added another layer of meaty goodness to an already killer pie.

O’Fallon Zeke’s Pale Ale –  Our second beer in less than a month from this fairly new brewery, at least to the Chicago market, is from O’Fallon’s Brewing and their Zeke’s Pale Ale.    The beer pours a glassy bronze color with minimal head.  The aroma is citrusy with a burst of caramel sweetness.   The flavor starts out tart and lemony with a fairly prominent malt backbone that translates into a slightly more viscous mouthfeel than we are used to for a pale ale.   The finish is slightly bitter and tinny.  Pairing-wise, it worked ok.  There was nothing in the beer that either added or took away from the pizza, just a decent beer.

Cult of the Black Moon Risin’  “Two Song Demo” –  We’ve been playing these two songs non-stop for the last few days. We’re completely blown away by the vocals and the overall vibe of this band; Sabbath-y but also super lose and jammy that just drips with 70s hard rock goodness.  The first track is “Black Moon Risin'” and it is completely addictive.  At close to 8 minutes the song dabbles in a couple of different styles throughout, each one more incredible than the next.  A super clean riff starts things off countered by an eerie old school piano.  The piano fades away and the vocals kick in to create a sound that will have you cranking this tune up nice and loud.  Halfway through, the song slows to a crawl with some eerie piano work and a spoken word/chant-like bridge which makes the sound that much heavier when the song picks up steam again before ending with a proggy/spacey outro.   The second and final track is ‘Gone” and could easily pass for an old early 70s Pentagram demo.   It’s total doom metal with a slow, yet infectious riff and groove and some super cool harmonies.    We can only hope a full length is forthcoming from this amazingly talented band, but until then we will continue to repeat these two songs over and over again.  They are that good.

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