Grilled Spicy Italian Pizza/Off Color Brewing Scurry/American Sharks “American Sharks”

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You can definitely file this recipe under “super quick weekday meals”.  Store bought lavash bread makes for a near perfect thin crust pizza.  The “spicy” comes in several waves from spicy arrabbiata pizza sauce, to the shredded pepperoncini provolone, to the hot capicola, to the fresh jalapeño slices to the sriracha drizzle.  To wash these slices down, we opted for Off Color Brewing’s delicious Scurry beer.  Rounding out the evening on the music side was the hard charging, punk fueled self-titled album from American Sharks.

Grilled Spicy Italian Pizza –  We’re going to try drag out this post a bit, because there really isn’t much to it.   First we can gather all of the ingredients; lavash, 6 ounces of pepperoncini provolone, 6 slices of hot capicola, sliced pepperoni, arrabbiata sauce and 1 fresh jalapeño sliced.

Ladle on the spicy pizza sauce on the lavash then scatter the fresh jalapeño slices all over.


Next evenly sprinkle on the cheese.

Now the meat layer with the hot capicola and pepperoni.


The pizza goes onto the cool side of a scorching hot grill for 4-5 minutes until the cheese is melted, the meat gets a little brown and crispy as does the crust.   Drizzle the pizza with sriracha and slice into large wedges.  Even though these appear to be super spicy, they are so flavorful and delicious, you barely even notice that you are consuming an atomic level of heat.


Off Color Brewing Scurry –  This is the final chapter of the story that started here, Scurry is the dark ale brewed with honey, molasses, and oats from Chicago’s Off Color Brewing.    The beer pours a dark brown, like cola, with an equally foamy head.  The aroma is rich and sweet like a cappuccino with some hoppy notes as well. The flavor is actually really light despite its dark appearance with an extremely smooth mouthfeel. The label boasts that the beer is brewed with honey, molasses and oats but it is not nearly as sweet as you’d think. There is a pleasant sweetness that is tamed by a piney hoppy bite. This easy drinking sweet ale actually worked quite well with the spicy pizza, a combo we would certainly do again.

American Sharks “American Sharks” –  Sleazy, high-energy rock and roll with a lethal dose of punk is the order of the evening when the American Sharks are on.  Toss in a blender Bad Wizard, early The Last Vegas and The Stooges with a gallon of Jack Daniels and a handful of razor blades and you’ll get something pretty close to the American Sharks’ sound.    Right out of the gate “Iron Lungs” comes out with both barrels firing.   The riff is heavy and infectious and the groove is down right dirty.  The song slams for the entire minute and a half highlighted by some great vocals.   The appropriately named “Overdrive” needs to be played at maximum volume in a fast car on the open road.  Sure it can be played elsewhere and still kick ass, but for the optimal experience in the car it must be heard, cranked up loud.   “Indian Man” starts with a huge drum beat along side a big fuzzy riff.  The vocals have a very cool desert rock feel to them.   “XVI” continues with the heavy head banging grooves as does “Freak Out” with the latter bringing an old school punk sound to the party.  One of the best tracks on the album belongs to “Demon with Glass Sword”.   The vocals are sick making the tune super catchy while still being ridiculously heavy.    “Cocaine” possesses a certain 70s hard rock feel in the same vein as early Kiss just a lot heavier.  The album ends with “11:11” showing that the band does not need to take the foot off the gas for even a second over the course of the album, as they just plow right through an instant classic heavy punk record.



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