Pulled Pork and Banana Pepper Flatbread/Natty Greene’s Freedom IPA/Black Nasa “Deuce”

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“Pulled Pork Week” continues with an idea that we’ve done here before, we just changed the ingredients a little bit.    These flatbreads are highly addictive due to the combination of the smoky pork and briny peppers.  The only other ingredients needed is some spicy BBQ sauce and a dusting of shredded mozzarella cheese.  To make this dish even easier, we are using store-bought naan as the crust.  The evening’s beer choice is North Carolina’s Natty Greene’s Freedom IPA.  The music is the sophomore album “Deuce” from Atomic Bitchwax frontman Chris Kosnik’s Black Nasa.

Pulled Pork and Banana Pepper Flatbread – It’s no secret that we love our flatbreads and pizzas around here.  Search either of those two words on this page and a cornucopia of recipes will pop up. This recipe is similar to our Smokehouse Flatbread, but here we swap out the red onion for banana peppers and opt for the milder mozzarella cheese to allow the pork and pepper flavors to shine through.  Let’s get started then.  Remove the naan from its packaging and scatter the leftover Pulled Pork (that we mixed with a little additional spicy BBQ) over the naan covering the entire surface.


Next up are the banana pepper rings.  We load these up on top of the pork as well.

Time for the cheese that we sprinkle lightly over the top.  We’re not looking for an over the top layer of “pizza cheese”, maybe a 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup of cheese at the most.  The last step is a drizzle of spicy BBQ sauce across the top of the pizza.

These guys are ready for the grill/oven.  Cook the flatbreads until the cheese is melted and golden brown.

Slice the flatbread into wedges and serve with cold beer.  After eating yet another pulled pork recipe, we are starting to think there really aren’t any bad ways to use leftover pulled pork and if there is, we haven’t found it yet.

Natty Greene’s Freedom IPA – Sadly we are coming to the end of our supply of North Carolina beers that our brother brought back up for us.  The good news is that it is ending on a high note with this excellent IPA from Greensboro’s Natty Greene’s.   The beer pours a cloudy yellowish/orange with a minimal head.  Aromas of pine and citrus dominate the nose with some grassy undertones.   The prevalent flavor is grapefruit peel which makes the beer deliciously bitter.   When combined with above average carbonation and light mouthfeel, it makes the beer extremely thirst-quenching and drinkable.   Rounding out the beer nicely is a sweet mango-like finish.  It’s a great representation of an east coast IPA.   The pairing was perfect also.  A refreshing crisp beer was the right call for the flatbread, taming the heat and balancing the salty toppings nicely.

Black Nasa “Deuce” – Possessing one of the most unique voices in the genre is Chris Kosnik.  You know almost immediately that you are listening to either an Atomic Bitchwax or Black Nasa tune when you hear his signature croon, which sounds like a grittier Dave Grohl.   Black Nasa shares many similarities with Atomic Bitchwax, moving slightly away from the latter’s progressive stoner rock, opting instead for a more straight forward rock and roll sound.   We spun their sophomore album “Deuce” thinking for sure we had already featured their awesome debut, but amazingly we haven’t yet.  Well, you know that will happen soon.  “Deuce” is pretty awesome in its own right.  After the Atomic Bitchwaxy heavy spaced out instrumental “Shabadoo” opens the album, the atmospheric marching beat of “Colony” kicks in.    The song swings with the best of them and is “stick in your head” catchy.   “Kamikaze” sounds like a cooler, heavier Foo Fighters track.   “Light” is really chill and has a lot of Pink Floyd elements to it.   One of the best tracks on the album is “Thanks Anyway”.  It begins with a 70s guitar riff that flat out rips.  It’s a sleazy rock and roll tune in the same vein as the Last Vegas.  The dueling banjo-esque, bluesy and groove-laden “Hut Nut” is a classic Chris Kosnik instrumental.  The Atomic Bitchwax albums were littered with instrumentals that all pretty much rocked and this track is no different.   “Boozer” is a catchy mid-tempo track while “Talking Candles” is a slow and twangy instrumental.   The album’s best track is “New World” and rivals “Diamond Girl” as the best song in their catalog.  Bonus points for fitting in a “Black Trans Am” lyric into another song and also for rhyming the words “Hoping” and “Kaleidoscoping”.   The song has also has a definite Hellacopters feel to it.  The album ends with a cover of Run DMC’s “You Be Illin'” ( Yes, you read that right).  It’s obviously meant to be a joke, but they actually do a really decent job with it.   Black Nasa only released two albums, their self-titled debut and this one, but both are worth tracking down.



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