Smokehouse Pulled Pork and Brisket Flatbread/Firestone Walker Wookey Jack/Geezer “Gage”

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We may have found one of the most ingenious uses for leftover BBQ.  When you feel like you can’t choke down one more leftover pulled pork or brisket sandwich, it’s time to try this Smokehouse Flatbread.  Thin middle eastern lavash is the cracker thin crust that we use as a base then pile on tomato sauce, cheddar cheese, pulled pork, chopped brisket, red onion and BBQ sauce.  We pair these up with the incredible Black Rye IPA Wookey Jack from California’s Firestone Walker and then go across the U.S. for the music as we crank the newest release “Gage” from New York’s heavy blues rockers Geezer.

Smokehouse Pulled Pork and Brisket Flatbread – In about the time it would take to throw together another BBQ sandwich, this delicious flatbread can be made.  Using the store bought lavash is the key. The thin pita bread transforms into a crisp cracker-like pizza crust when baked, a perfect vehicle for all of the spicy and smoky goodies that will get piled on top.  We start by spreading a high quality marinara sauce on top of the flatbread.

Our next layer is the cheese.  Slices of mild cheddar are placed all over the sauced lavash.
Next comes the all important meat layer. Sauced pulled smoked pork and chopped smoked brisket are spread evenly over the crust.

Paper thin slices of red onion go on top of meat. The last step is to drizzle BBQ sauce over the entire flatbread.
These go into a super hot 450 degree oven for 2 minutes then we place it under  the broiler for another minute.  Pull out the flatbread, slice into wedges and serve.   What better combination than authentic BBQ and pizza?
Firestone Walker Wookey Jack –  We love Firestone Walker.  Their excellent IPA is on tap at one of our local watering holes and what we almost always order when we frequent the place.   When we saw this Black Rye Unfiltered IPA in a 22 oz. bomber, we couldn’t pass it up.  The beer pours as black as can be with only a slight head.  It is super bubbly, so in the glass it looks more like a cola than a beer.    The aroma is fruity and citrusy and a complete contrast from what you would expect it to smell like given its dark coal appearance.  As beautiful as the beer looks and smells, the flavor is in another world completely.  Crisp and relying heavily on the grapefruit flavor with just a hint of spiciness from the rye. The beer is super fresh tasting, hoppy and refreshing.  This beer elevated the already lofty status we assigned to the brewery.  Great stuff.  The pairing worked really well, granted it was not your typical “beer and pizza” combination, but it was terrific.

Geezer “Gage” – We were excited to see a new Geezer release. Their previous release Handmade Heavy Blues was an awesome slice of heavy blues rock and we couldn’t wait to see what the boys had in store on their follow up “Gage”.   The sound is definitely still bluesy, but things are a little heavier and a little edgier this time around.   The EP is only 4 songs, perfect to knock out this quick flatbread.  Short as the album may be, every song on it rocks stating with the opening track “Ancient Song”.  A sludgy chill groove is the backbone to the gravel-voiced vocals.   The song will have you in a slow calculated headbanging trance before you know it.  A killer psychedelic jam ends off the song.  That trippiness extends into the Doors-esque “Thorny”.  The ample slide guitar use mixed with the eerie Jim Morrison-like cadence on the vocals is an awesome combination.  The album’s hardest rocking song is “Ghost Rider Solar Plexus”.  The heavy and fuzzy blues riff and groove matched up with some great southern stoner vocals results in a killer A Thousand Knives of Fire sound.  The EP ends with the live recorded “Dude, It’s Molecular”, a slowly building blues instrumental/jam that shows off the band’s chops.  “Gage” is a great EP from start to finish which whets the appetite for a (hopefully) forthcoming full length release some time soon.

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